Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Okay, that's it I have officially had enough. Recently a friend of mine (who is only 11 years old) was fed up with the bullying and abuse that was happening to her at school. She decided enough was enough and was self harming and attempted suicide. After taking many pills she laid next to her mom hoping to die and to never awake. But god gave her a second chance at life. Since then, she has been now going through therapy and has recently just been released from the crisis center. My school is now doing nothing. [Bella's] mother went to a meeting at the school to have her voice be heard, and they are not having it. They refuse too listen to her and the pain that she has gone through over the past few days. Her mother had a talk with me today (alone) and broke down. She explained to me how it is so hard to stay strong and that being there for your kid is just about impossible when you know deep down inside the sadness of you child and the fact that she does not even want to be existing anymore. I told her I know the pain, for I have lost many friends for the same reasons... But in a way I have no idea. Having to bury your own child for other people transgressions in not right at all. I cant stand to see this happen around me anymore. So therefore me and my friend Helen (Who has talked about bullying numerous times on this blog) have decided to make a difference. Helen has written a letter that has been addressed to anyone that will listen and we are going to my Social Studies teacher (also the leader of the Nation Junior Honor Society) to present it to her. We are basically sharing our thoughts as to how to make sure that this is never to happen again in this school. I figure if they are not going to listen to one parent... Why don't I get a group of teenagers to make a difference. All Honor Society kids have agreed to help... and so have friends of {BEAUTIFUL ONE]. This will work. I wont stop until it does. I can no longer sit, and watch this happen. The letter Helen has written made me cry it is so beautiful. I have decided to share it with anyone that is reading this.....................

"Dear anyone who will listen,
Suicide is the third leading cause of death among pre- teens and teenagers. A huge cause of suicide thoughts, attempts, and unfortunately success is bullying. 160,000 students stay home from school everyday because they are afraid to walk into their school building and face harassment. I've heard stories about kids commuting suicide, but I never thought someone I personally know would attempt it; unfortunately I was in correct. Absolutely nobody should be bullied into silence, like the announcements in the morning state. My question for you is why let it get that far? Why let bullying get so bad the victim wants to take their own life away and risk their only chance on this planet Earth? I know somebody who was bullied into silence. She thought death was the only way out, that nobody would care. But,  I do care. Though many individuals convince themselves that suicide is the easy way out, it's not. They don't think about the suffering it would put everyone around them through; How it would make their parents feel, having to burry their child six foot into the ground because of another child's transgressions. Regardless on how old a mothers child gets, they will always be their baby. I'm not comfortable taking steps through this school knowing that the she people who caused her into silence are walking through it without punishment, maybe even without guilt. Losing a loved one is one of the hardest emotional obstacles to overcome. So many events follow death. Mourning is one of them. It will never heal. Hearing that persons name, will rip open the wound faster than the time it took to begin to heal. Though I may not be close to her as some people, it still hurts. I cried the second I heard about it, and cry as I write this. No parent deserves to watch their child go through these types of struggles, thinking they aren't good enough to stop it. And, they're right. They can't stop it. Not alone. As a part of the National Junior Honor Society, as Mrs.Finegan will say, I am the cream of the crop. I have power. I will use my power to put a stop to this bullying. If our school was such a zero tolerance for bullying school, this wouldn't have happened. I stand here today to say that I want to make a different so this school doesn't have one less student, this town doesn't have one less citizen, her family doesn't have one less family member, and so that a graveyard doesn't have one more casket dug into the ground. Bella is one of the sweetest girls I know, and she has the full potential to be what she sets her mind to. Don't be the person to knock her down. Build her up out of the hole she is in, and allow her to see the sun's rays shine bright on her beautiful face  accompanied by a smile, because if you grasp that sunshine away from her, the world will miss her lips curled into happiness. Making a change will be hard, but let it start with me."

By Jewelia,and Helen

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