Sunday, March 10, 2013

In my eyes there are many types of bullying.... I have talked about this subject quite often in my many attempts in blogging, but it is a topic that greatly disappoints and digusts me. I can't stand hearing the sorrow and saddness of stories that are passed down to me and told to me about bullying. Ive have known many wonderful people very close to me that I cared about greatly that have been taken from me due to the rudeness of everyday people. Suicide is a very hard obsticle to overcome and hard to talk someone out of doing. It is bad for a 14 year old girl to be talking about losing friends because they decided to take their life... But unfortantley it happens. I personally dont believe that bullying should be that intense, Someone should never have to feel that they have no way out, and having suicide be their only option. People in my life are currently overcoming or going through very rough times, and I pray for them every opportunity I get. I myself have been bullyed and have also been in a few fights about this topic. However, I brush it off like its nothing now... Some cant fake a smile and move on, some can... I personally believe that every human being has a right to walk out of their house and not have to worry about what people think about them. Who cares? For example if you happen to look over at someone and think to yourself "I dont like the shirt their wearing, or I dont like how their make-up is today" Keep it to yourself.... If you seriously need to put a person down for such a stupid thing, you should think twice. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but seriously, if its negative... Just move on with your day. The darkness and saddness to some people's soul is unbarible to believe, and negative comments and nasty looks make that people hate themselves even more. Many of my friends are in very depressing and dark stages in life, they have nobody... and being judgemental does not help...I dont understand how people in this everyday world can be so cruel to one another... That is not how god intended man to be to one another. If you think back to the bible sure Jesus was not liked by atheist people... But he had apostles to follow him with his every step... Some of the people I have in mind dont even have that. Help someone overcome the darkness they have been put into instead of putting them deeping in. A smile or even a friendly hello can make somebody's... I dare anyone who is readin this to think of people you may not like and find the good in that person. Because trust me, God made sure that everyone on this Earth has a purpose... He does not make worthless things. The "Dark Dragon" my Mother has referred to in a previous post has very little hope... But instead of running away I stick by him and hope that one day he will see the good in life again. I myself have also had my fair share of bullying as I said, I will admit... Life was hard growing up, but I helped myslef out of the dark stage I was in. I have surrounded myslef with positive people. I have been made fun of for the way I dress, The music I listen too, The way I style my hair and do my make-up, even the way that I say that I was saved by a band... Music is everything to me, It keeps me going and helps me love the life I love... I myslef just like Helen am Bi Sexual, and as like her... I find it hard telling the people I have surrounded myself with because of the fear of being judged or bullied. I should not have to feel like that. I have only told three people in my life about this, because Im scared of what anyone else will think. I personally think that everyone has good in them... Instead of judging a book by it's cover open it up to read the meaningful words that have been inscripted inside. Just fake a smile and move on <3 And also a big thank you to the amazing artwork

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