Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It takes a Village

It's a GR8 DAY! Rachael is home from the hospial,they gave her med's to hold back her contraction,Lydia is due in 71 day's......Hip hip hooray! What a GR8 please it is to be alive,to witness My children,with their children.... Yesterday Rachael and I, went in to thrift shop yesterday,and we were setting a goal....Before the accident,I may have been running head first,but at least was up ,and running.....My Children don't know this shattered person I've become,so they have been reminding how driven I use to be....They reminded me of my ,move mountain's motto.....One stone at a time. And day's at the beach,and of the day's ahead with all my monkey's (Memom's monkey's)They were good day's .....I would put my children in bright neon shirts,on our day's at the boardwalk,and would we build a great sand sculpture,every child where we would be sitting became involved.....It became an event,we would draw a crowd,and the new's media,beleive it or not I was shy,and run away from the camera's.....My Sister ,would crack up while holding her shovel,as if she did it.....he he /MY POINT IS, my daughter reminded me of a phrase I would alway's say= IT TAKES A VILLAGE,that why I want to name our store Jabip Village....Perhap's I will be a better person, in the long run...That just maybe these changes are part of God's plan...... We will BUILD A VILLAGE,one stone at a time,IN GOD's time X[]x

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