Wednesday, July 24, 2013

L[]VE~Making the best []F THINGS~(still)

~L[]VE with all your HEART, all your MIND.....All your S[]UL.....[Seek first the Kingdom , of Heaven], and everything will fall into it's place~
~BEE STINGS T[]GETHER, M[]PTZAR was stung (6) times, I (2),As you can see my face was very swollen......At CVS picking up,my meds~LIFE is not perfect,I lost entire week, pre-paring for surgery on M[]NDAY....BUT we make the best of things=

~STILL***What to build JABIP VILLAGE~[]ne ST[]NE at a time........
still (still) 1. adjective Without sound; quiet; silent.
Ba[k to the drawing board....
[PEA[E][Glitter X[]x]

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