Tuesday, July 9, 2013

~Practicing patience [un-finished works]

~Tiger Lily~
~Morning Glory~
~And Rose,[pastel video] these were practice drawings,and this is one of my un-favorite videos,I always said/ "I will re-do these,and make a better video. Well as it stands, I have not .....I have been de-rail. And out in the world ,are to two unfinihed mutals.I see my spine specialist tomarrow, to arrange to meet the surgeon. As my Pastor says I am subdued, and I surrender my self to God, so he can help me serve my purpose. And finish what I started, one stone at a time,and gives me the strength,and courage to build Jabip Village, for people like me= You are not alone X[]x~un-finished works=Bumpy the frog, written and illitrated/just has'nt been binded into a book [althought there is a ruf- draft video]
~Un-finished mutuls~
[sharing gifts]
[water lillies]
[F[]UR WALLS []F STEEL]~[If your wondering why, there are so many started, it because " I don't believe in wasting paint. And I it was my intention, to get back to them......I am subdued, this accident is teaching me patience X[]x.....

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