Friday, July 5, 2013

~Travis is 2~[ Imagine Dragons] welcome to the new age...

~I found a rock date from last year[7-5-12] at this time,I call them memories. Today Travis is two years old,and last year at this time [life was normal] I say this because 7-11-12,is the date of my car accident.It's almost a year, and every day to me is gift. So I say welcome to the new age" my little Monkey". Your MeMom is still here,to play with you ,and love life together XX[]

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  1. Mothersky- Your blog is worthy listening to these soul eargates. Know i take it in! I feel deeply through your heartblood. These eyegates are blessed by your images and tales. Be well ~ I sense you arise and this brings joy and health to me and those others in tune.
    Sky Bliss Earth Bless..