Wednesday, July 17, 2013

~Tell me Something G[][]D!~ [Just because]

Do something,every day,that makes You happy,and You will be.And practice kindness. Feeling Transparent, I am not invicable.....So I decided to wear Fancy clothes to Church, every Sunday....What are we saving them for,our special occaisions. Every day is special! I've learned a few thing's latley, head trauma,a bee sting "when your allergic".And 100' degree wheather....Is not a good look for me....My head feels like a turtle ,growing out of it's shell.And my hair ,feels like cactus needles. ~We are fragile, delicate. So I've been practicing Forgiveness,and patience.....And in between, painting in small spells. And to learning to live, at this new rhythm...Progress, not perfection. And wearing my favorite outfits, just because.....[And Love] and await the moments, I spent with loved ones.... []ils, are patient.
Be back soon,going watch 50 first dates,and re-group....Because it make me Happy :)

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