Sunday, July 28, 2013

What does it mean~waking from a seizure~ this will be deteled/waking from a altered state

What does it mean?~This P[]ST was started last night/ then I was swept into a seizur like state, and could'nt finish it~ had to crawl to bed....I could hear,all that was going on around me, but I was locked inside my mind, as my body trembled....I was safe to bed,and have the crazy vision, of saints I've never seen before. As I gently float over high buildings,and look down on to such beautiful lanscapes....[seized in my body/ saddly I missed Church today] so I"m down on myself about that, but oddly enough , When I'm in this state, most of the time "I hanging out with God" what does it mean....I was locked in my body for 12 hours.....But up close ,something I've never seen before [ It was baby Jesus , and set torward,and two woman, Where just behind him, reaching for him,in a caring angel pose.... The turned from flesh, to sculptures, then they, as they drifted from my sites.... They looked more like sculptures chizeled , into a wall white marble, or salt....Is there such a place" I wonder"
[LAST NIGHTS UN-finished post] Yes T[]DAY~ I was well enough to roam the EARTH,and found the perfect store to build Jabip Village.....A small town, there is a record store,a deli, coffee shoppe, and maybe someday Jabip, there is room for an art studio,and recording studio..... [AND a big parking lot in the back, if we choose to have a live concert]~ Hey a Girl, can dream..... Besides, I saw a wishing star, that has to pull some weight....Pre-paring for surgery on Monday, it was good to get out today....I saw this location, more than a year ago, before the accident....And it seems to be a perfect fit, for what we are going to become, one stone at a time. []ne day,at a time....It's like the feild of dreams, build it,and the will ~ well you get the point! I have my goal, set on this place~ I thank God, out loud for such a GR8 day, and I thank you for being on this Journey with me, I thank Y[]U=my neighbor, my Village X[]x I will dream,and prayer, on our un-coming adventures, can't wait to share all the details, with you [although it will take planning,faith,and team work.~ I will be bed riddin for a while, sick or not we are talking about having a live Google+ hang out [maybe Aug.the 6th 2013 = It' a Tues" I will touch base with Ronnie Brice,he can talk me through it~ Time to start living out loud,and set my fears aside~ And I need to come up with a way to raise money..Any idea's send them to []ff to dream land I go, until we meet again~ S[] start working on your one of a kind crafts, we will all join forces= A village of ARTIST.......And ST[]NE S[]UP!

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