Monday, July 21, 2014

~Positive thinking~ [ P[]WER of PRAYER]

~Positive  thinking  ,realy use to be my strength [ My strong suit]. As if I were the magnet, and My agenda was the steel. And this, the strength of My mind~ I would materialize, would reel in what I needed. Always only, what I needed. I would never materialize a want. []r You can even call it the power of Prayer.... I would write My wish, or My prayer on a piece of paper [pray on it, fold it up` then place it in my pillow] an example=If I heard a friend fell ill, perhaps cancer. And testing was under way, I would pray on this" daily". Until they heard the results~ and I felt as though, the Power of prayer, along with the strength of others ~would minimize/ the said cancer...... []ur Scooter, My sisters pet, who is like her child= Is terminal. In December they said ' He may only have weeks. I lay My hands on him, in prayer every day....[]f course it is a matter of time, but for now in the mean time.... L[]VE, keeps Scooter/aka B[][]Ts alive~ and God will take him, when it's his time. But I lend all My super hero power, to him to thrive.... Positive thinking is Powerful. We all GR8 energy, put t to G[][]D use...... [Like Lydia, she has grown so much, She realy is a miracle." AS I PRAY" 

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