Thursday, July 3, 2014

[bouts of madness] Mo Jo Rising

Have no want to entertain, this out of body experience..... it just seems I can't get back in, not completely ...... I physical aware, the pain is calling Me out...... To see the fire on water. I'm gone dancing, and flying in my dreams.... Take to high land~Capturing moments of My recovery. [Chios] aka/hyper awareness~  There is something about being put to sleep during a surgery ....... Somehow You become more in tune with the universe, as if I can feel it's heart beat. There is a loud heart beat coming from the ocean, I am having visions of large masses of water coming ashore. Leaving behind many fish, due to the warm degree . Caused by a volcanic eruption, as if a heat valve turns on. Every time I fall asleep, I see fire on water [bouts of madness]~ I'm sure there is a simple resolve to my problem...... [I need sleep] And because I don't get to watch TV, my mind over reacts, to simple vibrations beneath my feet....... I know all these things are caused by My heighten pain level, but that doesn't make them seem " any less real" Mo Jo rising! My room is filled with spirits, they sound like angels.... So I will try to join them, in sleep and, see where they take Me tonight= on a journey of mixed awareness. See You soon in world, or slumber~ Again take to highland, and follow Your instincts.

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