Tuesday, July 8, 2014

~Tangled upin blues [ Bob Dylan]

There is so much energy flowing through Me, and around Me. I don't know what to make of it. They are like  surges, as if I'm in a quiet forest . And deep in the brush, off in distance someone is banging a drum. I can hear it, I can feel it beneath My feet....Yesterday My Sister, and I were sitting out in the yard, and this bird sat close to Us. First she flew swooping in, over and over. Then landed at a safe distance. And kept repeating herself, loudly in the constant tone, over and over. Looking directly at Us, I am left to wonder, what was she saying. She was fearlessly close to us..... I talked to Pastor the other day, about this some what out body experience I'm having, he said if it continues, seek  council of gifted others. It doesn't feel like a gift, It makes Me un-easy. So without even leaving My house, A friend in our circle of Friends, visited Our house. She moved here recently, We talked about the energy, and tonight by chance , she is taking Me to Church,  A meeting place were others are having visions, of  psychic awareness.... There are very few people I know, that I can have such conversations with.... And now this Woman has found her way to Me. I am very willing to go, We spoke of auras, and the feeling, that I don't quite feel as if I've re-entered completely back into My body. I really feel, it has something to be with being under anesthesia...... My pain is still quite pronounced, Yet is a different pain. A surgical pain. I still wake up wanting to scream . Yet to waking up is a blessing.As well as the fact, I must have slept [sleep is good ] 
[Feel tangled up in blue]  ~I get tangled in the art in My head, I've been writing the lyrics to song, but I don't know how to down load the melody to mixcraft.~ I rely on others, at times~ Goin to watch Harry Potter II, with Jewels/aka Rainbow~Be back soon

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