Saturday, July 26, 2014

[]ur Church approved,[]ur ant-bulling gathering~This is the letter We composed for []ur local news paper [Please write]

[My Village, My Community, My People, We as a Church would very much like You to get involved. In a gathering, We are preparing. But We need You, and Yours to bring light to this dark subject. An occurrence that takes so many forms, And creates so many negative effects. [BULLING] We will not stand by, and do nothing or look away. School will soon start, it is Our driven purpose to reach out to You. The first step is to have You reach back, Please send Yours letters to let Us know how BULLING has effected Your life. You can send Your letters anonymous, You do not have to reveal Yourself.~ We hope to read some of the letter's out loud. To mostly express the effects caused by bulling= "SILENCE, SHAME, and FEAR." Be Brave My Love, We are here= You are not alone, anymore." send Your letters to: Pastor R. Gehert 400 Monmouth St. P.O.Box 47 Gloucester City N.J. 08030 And keep watch, We will form together a program. Where Families are Welcome. There will be a Councilor, and Pastor will address, the ripple effects that occur due to BULLING. " Be fearless, and write . It's the way, We can hear Your voice.]

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