Sunday, July 6, 2014

~Reclaim Yourself~ say "I WILL"!

~We [ALL] have this Gr8, ability, We are born with it...... Curve Your thoughts to [when], instead of if...... Change Your answer to [I will] instead of maybe.... When I was child [maybe, and we''ll see] was like a curse word to Me~ Fore what they really meant to say, was No=buying themselves time.... There is instinct built into [You] ,as child Something You wanted to Be, remember that  thing that brought You  [J[]Y] and become it!   ~RECLAIM Y[]URSELF, Be the Y[]U,  You were meant to Be......  Field into Your memory, picture Yourself as child at play, what was Your answer to the question- "what do You want be, when You grow up"?~Are You being it? And if not what is stopping You? Begin today, take hold of that image, walk back to Your child self, RECLAIM Y[]URSELF and BE! Start Today, this very minute=" Believe in what You want so much, it has no choice but to materialize.... Say  [` I WILL ]

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