Saturday, July 5, 2014

~My easel waits~

~This photo was sent to my computer @ 11:11 am. I feel a serenity around Me, I heard the birds outside. A faint distant sound of a train passing by, I feel at ease...... Today is My Grandson [Travis's] Birthday  ,I am Grateful for life, I am Grateful for my Family.... As those Who have Prayer, to see Me through this storm.... The storm is passing, and "My easel waits".......I feel all Good Spirits around Me! With every mistake, We must surely be learning..... While My guitar gently weeps, I want to use more than crayons, today at very least = I will attempt water colors, for my paint brushes are weeping too. I Thank You God "[]utloud for this Day, Thank You!" Amen

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