Friday, July 4, 2014

~Lady Ga Ga~ Sister GG [Jersey Girl]

~I'm  [Grandiose]  I know, I saw a lovey  photo on google+ last night of [ Lady Ga Ga ], just before I went to bed..... Silly I know, but I've one +'ed  her a few time [and mentioned I  have a tailored song, to suit her] and, a vision of how the video will run along  to the words.[aka/ grandiose]    ~  I have all this art, and music flowing through Me, with no outlet .....I feel ,it should go to it's rightful owner.... The song~Is called  [Duplicity] and, she is from Jersey, As I am from Jersey..... Give me Your thoughts   /I'm not star stuck, it's more like energy that deserves freedom...... Like a spirit, that demand birth.... My quest on this earth,is to to be Mother, Ya Ya of the Village, everything is a gift..... In the case of this song,  I just want to share it.....If it brings fourth funds, "great We will build our Village sooner~        Recovering selfies-getting better one day at a time, So glad to be alive...... See Ya soon.

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