Wednesday, July 23, 2014

~[]riganal song by Alezia~ [A Picture of You ]

~Woke up  having a grandiose moment, I wake up singing..... And My Daughter walked in on Me, recording it to My phone. In her questioning, I replied these are the reasons= it's been so important to Me, why as a Mother " I would try to influence My children to learn an instrument. Because even though these songs are born to Me, the lay dormant ~they have no birth....As for grandiose, there have been times` []f course with a much better song=A song, I feel is tailored to her []ne that is suited for Lady Ga Ga.[the art of the video is even mapped out in My head]  I've tried to reach out to her~ although She follows Me on twitter, I cannot get `said song to her. It called "duplicity"   So My daughter asked Me, how often do write songs= I hold her " it like a gentle wind, that plays through the wind chime~ It's  only heard []nce, and it's up to Me, to capture it.                                                                                                                                          

The Picture of You     
If I could have, one thing to hold.
If it came down, to one thing I own.
And time could never tatter, or fray.
A moment of time, without age.
I would have firmly, grasped in My hand.
No matter, My travels~
The one thing, I would always have.
"Is the picture of You", with Me.... ~Alezia

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