Wednesday, July 9, 2014

~Always have a planA, and B~[but what turns out is God's plan]

~Always when I'm giving advice to new Mothers, number one I always recommend nursing. Nursing creates A wonderful bonding experience to Mother, and Child .And builds a great immune  system for Your Child. ~The Point I'm making today, is always have a plan B....Plan A is what we want to happen in our daily day= We set forth a plan, as I said one should always shave plan B.~ For life rarely run according to plan.
~When newly married couples ask my advise. I always seek back to the plan A, plan B theory. As well as advise both partners, there will be bad days, along with the good. Number one rule is never leave, during a fight~ go into another part of the house, occupy Your self with something that brings You joy, till You find Your center. Try to resolve the problem peacefully, never in anger. And most of all, never go bed fighting. Be sure to tell Your partner, You love them....... [You see] If you  leave during a fight , Your breaking the trust of that L[]VE. And It's a bad habit to start. ~Always understand, when You Marry someone ,You are now married into their family. As well as them to Yours. And storming out of the house, can lead the []ne who loves You, a sense of abandonment. And I know, that is not Your intention.
~It turned out I never made it to the Church, My friend Julie was late to catch her train. I ended up I need to be right where I was. Rainbow and I where watching Harry Potter, was a bad storm rolled in and power went off~ and Best friend came in the door, and made us dinner. So we can plan all we want ,but when it's said done. What turns out ,is God's plan........ 

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