Thursday, July 3, 2014


Crazy bird`It started out as joke, My Sister calls Me Jinx~ then My Daughter found a Mother's Day card~ That read You were there when I skinned My knee, You where there to remind Me to hold the rail. You were there to catch Me when I fell=Hey maybe , come to think of it Your a Jinx...hehe  In why I have been through so many things in life, what I call near misses.... Perhaps I would be advising them to power strip ,an outlet .For electrically safety= then I would gone on about how I was electrocuted once, They say Mom is their any thing that hasn't happened to You, " I was about five years old, always a child of  wonder about how things worked.... So I stuck a two prong bobby pin into an electrical socket, and the surge held me in place. Then finally threw me across the room....... I the reason they made, those child proof out-let covers. ~And don't get Me started about lightening [oh boy] Choo Choooooo

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