Sunday, July 20, 2014


Though this time of healing, I reflect somewhat on the Me , I use to Be. I've been disabled for over two years now, and It's been a empowering learning experience . I've had to learn to lean, on others, and trust. Have You ever done the test of trust.~ Where You stand straight up, an allow Yourself to trust those behind You to catch You when You fall straight back~without peeking . To fall { and allow someone to catch You} [I've been told I'm the worst patient. My role is a Mother, and I' use to doing for other's so it been quite humbling. I haven't been able to drive for over two years. This has been very difficult for my family to have to take care of Me, and take  Me to all my appointments~ As it has been hard for Me to allow them....... [Growing pains]      But the more time passes, it will be three weeks Monday since My surgery. And even though there is no bending, or reaching...... I am so aware of all the belonging that out of My reach~ but there will come a time, when all things will be back in My reach..... [I will, I can= I just need to have more patience.] Again back to patience,and trust...... And hope, and the determination to re-train my thoughts to I WILL, and  I CAN! = I WILL BUILD A VILLAGE!

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