Thursday, July 24, 2014

~I have been very depressed` have You ever seen the movie [The Jacket]

What a delight to wake up to My Family ~My daughter waking Me up, nudging Me to watch the 7th Harry Potter. We have been watching them throughout My recovery. My Sister ,and Scooter have been here, or I go to her house on the weekends. My Mother, and all of My Children make time to be here with Me. And Pastor finally brought to the Church council, about the anti-bulling Project. It's now a matter of time , before We bring it to light [ it a very posssitive passion/ aka as serving My purpose! ~ I say Thank God for anti-depressants= I believed they saved Me. This was a hard two years`plus- and pain is a trigger to ptsd people..... I thank God, for waking up in such wonderful environment of L[]VE/ I love to wake up to My reality. And have problem N[] admitting I've been very depressed.........= for when I sleep it's filled with nightmare [a little like the movie = The Jacket]

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