Saturday, June 28, 2014

~Send letters to Pastor [address provided] Bringing a dark subject to the LIGHT~

[Here I am Lord]~You are still entitled to send letters to Pastor ,[]n self harm ,suicide ,and bullying....These serious  matters, that often lead to suicide.~Please write to Pastor.
~When You see this symbol, know WE are speaking of  anti-bullying~
"We are in this together!" With Pastors permission, letters of bulling may be sent to CO-Pastor Richard Gehert - First Baptist Church, 400 Monmouth St., P.O. Box 47, Gloucester City N.J. 08030. "Hopefully, if WE get enough People to participate, and if the Church would agree, perhaps We can arrange a live Google hang or video, to send the message to all..... In the meantime, let's all be kind to []ne another, and L[][]K IN, instead  of TURNING AWAY" Much Love ,Mother X[]x
~July the 11th,will be the two year anniversary of the car accident......A life altering event, now Monday the 30th at 6:30 am,I am to arrive at the hospital for cervical spine surgery......A stumble ,in  the road, We will be back on the road to recovery. And back to bring our dreams of building a Village to life.... T[]GETHER~ At My Church ,this July the topic be suicide ,self harm, and bullying. Although I will not be able to be present, they will send Me the audio. [Please write, Your letters can save someone's LIFE.....Let's bring this dark subject, to the light!

~You are, not alone....I look forward to hearing Your letters X[]x

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