Friday, June 6, 2014

Panic Attack~Dream Theater

~I find myself struggling physically, which is taken an emotional toll on Me. There I days I feel like I can't push on, but My Sister ,and Scooter come drag me out of bed..... And push Me to tend to the tasks that need to be satisfied before the surgery~ No doubt, I feel like surrendering.... Then My Children will call on me, and I try to rise to the occasion. My Mom came by the other day, I colored her hair, and she colored mine. I want my hair corn rowed before surgery..... No one wants to talk about it, but everyday I feel like I'm dying a little... I'm not use to feeling this disabled... So I made it understood, that if I do die I want to be creamated ......I will continue to push on ,but it's like driving a car on three tires. I'm having Panic Attacks./and the gears keep turning= I miss I Me, I use to be...... Surgery date is  Monday June 30th

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