Tuesday, June 10, 2014

G[]ING F[][]D SH[]PPING~Tangled in fear~

There are times when We are in the car, and I'm having an anxiety attack. I ride holding onto a pillow, with a box cutter under my leg [ In my mind, the box cutter is to ,cut the seat belts~or break the windows out] When I was in the car accident, the car that hit us caught on fire....My fear is We will be trapped/ I  have my good days, and bad. Though I have recognized I need to be the strength, for my Loved []nes~ I look to my family, and say" have I always been this frightened ,they say I'm getting better. They say "You have survived"/And they remind me, the worst is over~ it can only get better from here.... I've been disabled for nearly two years, I've learn to live with the pain.... So even though I afraid of the surgery, it will be the beginning of healing .And getting My life back~ the though of being in bed for 6 to 8 weeks, is un-doing Me. But I'm learning to live with it! I will survive,I'm just tangled in fear. ~I just keep moving , doing, and praying.......For God to give Me the strength I need........See Ya Soon, X[]x   PS. []n my way to my favorite place ,the Food Market.....

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