Thursday, June 19, 2014

~11 days away~

I was fitted for my neck brace this morning, some how it made it all so real, 11 days till my surgery. And it's bitter sweet.... I can't wait, they say I'll be out of pain. At least the pain I'm in daily, It has taken an emotional toll on Me.~I can't run, and play with the Grand babies anymore.... I thought maybe I was just depressed, till I was in their company~ and realized my limitations.....I have my evaluation physical in the morning, to be sure my body can endure. ~I hear the church bells ringing outside, and somehow it brings me peace. X[]x My hopes are to finish some projects I started, while resting in bed. This being one of them= this is the draft, for Bumpy the frog/ the next one is called the wishing star.....

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