Thursday, June 5, 2014

~Crazy Train~ []zzy []sbourne

~The sound of the train wakes Me~
I'm going off the rails, on a crazy train.......
Another sleepless night, We are experiencing a lot of rain here. The sounds along with the pain wake Me. So much is going on around My household , from home repairs..... The process of moving from one apartment, to the other. Prep for My surgery, and keeping up with Doctor's appointments. "I am simply over whelmed". Each time I have to describe the car accident details to someone , its like reliving it. And being in this constant pain amplifies it ...... The line up is 4 appointments to keep, then surgery, all less then a month from now. ~ I haven't even notified all My Family yet/ there is a part of Me that can't wait .Because it [the surgery] will correct my nerves in my neck, from pinching, and compressing. "But I feel powerless, even though I've been powerless all along'. I pray a lot , mostly because this pain is maddening ..... I feel like I'm on the crazy train~

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