Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I have many nick names from my family "my Daddy calls me Diamond.I don't feel so sparkly right now...."Cant wait to shine again'[[]ur baby may be coming home] All G[][]D Changes, My M[]ther is taking take of me. She if frighten,by the sight of me[ THIS TO TO SHALL PASS,IT's IN GOD' HAND's] by the way I have origanal song selected, paints's on the way.....NOW I NEED IS AN 8x4 thin board=and we'll be ready set go! [My next painting,must be oil,so I can walk awy,and rest= I am Hopefull/not mention the other two mural, I started before the accident,and have'nt seen them since= I hope ,they understand,and still allow me to complete them (GOD ME WILLING) so >I faired well though my procedure,still very swollen....I have H[]PE,to paint again,[I'm very swollen,and trembling in pain] They say it will take two weeks till the swelling goes down,enough to know if it worked...Sorry about ,my boo hoo, I feel like a flower with no sunThan You for being here,You truly are my village,still hope for the store,we stream live= I will see you,you see me=And life will be how I't was ment to be......Until then continue to move that Mountain,one stone at a time, Love Mothersky Dragonfly aka/Diamond /I hope to tell you about ,what pastor said= Till then X[]x

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