Thursday, May 16, 2013


The L[]VE of my LIFE,has come back to me in many forms. The bonds with my children,are stronger than ever.....I am becoming the strong woman, my family once knew.....My FAITH,has re-newed, I have spirital growth.....The Man I L[]VE,never stopped loving me,and we are embracing our feelings for eachother....... I went through such a tragic event,was strong enough to survive.....Gave every material thing to remove myself,from any tainted memory......Then another will breaking experience....=Domestic Violence/PTSD [sometimes emotions wounds are the worst to recover from,I became fight or flight..... I seek theraphy,then as you know the car accident,and since pain is my trigger. I lost my way, It's been as if my life is like the car accident,and I am picking up the pieces of the debris/that are scattered about the highway....And with each piece I pick up ,I recover,and each family photo [I hang on the wall] I recall, who I am....And am re-claiming myself..... I am re-building the Village, one stone at a time......L[]VE HEALS ALL!

[]nly in GOD's time will I understand,the accident....I has left me physically broken/yet I feel stong enough,and lucky enough to say= I'm GLAD TO BE ALIVE,to wake everyday,and see MY L[]VE,to see the face's of those who L[]VE ME.... My family is involved now,I had epidiral last week, they will schedule another, to mask the pain. There is talk of surgery,and cognitive theraphy....I have tramic brain injury,I have to re-learn.....But as I've said to my children, It's gonna be OK, EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT= Plan A,is to always to have a plan B.......I L[]VE LIFE,G[][]D, AND BAD=THIS TOO SHALL PASS L[]VE M[]THER X[]x

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