Sunday, May 19, 2013


~[]ur lives are not our []wn, From womb to tomb,we're bound to other's. Past,and Present....And by each crime,and every kindness, we BIRTH []UR FUTURE~ ~[]ur lives,and our choices.Each encounter suggest a new potential direction. We cross, and recross our old tracks, like figure skaters "Yesterday my life was heading, in one direction. Today it is heading in another fear,belief,love, phenomena. That determine the course of of lives. There is a force that begins, long before we are born,and continutes after we parish.~DEATH, LIFE, BIRTH~ FUTURE, PRESENT, PAST ~L[]VE, H[]PE, C[]URAGE~ EVERTHING IS C[]NNECTED~ "I believe there is another world waiting for us,And I will be waiting for You there" [My Love, You are here,and so am I. You are not alone X[]x ]

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