Friday, May 10, 2013

Ain't no M[]UNTAIN, high enough=Today I see LYDIA!

Just alittle crazier than usual, In speaking to the doctor the other day.....My Mother being with me, the question if I can take take of myself came up.Or shpuld I live in a facility,as you can imagine,every nerve was struck....My Doctor said,although I'm forgetful,and repeat myelf.....They have hopes, I can be re-trained congnitive theraphy. I've excepted the fact "I can no longer be a hair-dresser/ nail tech/ make-up artist. This is the first year of 30yrs, I did not re-new my hairdressing liecne....And yes,I have have hard time with spelling, but that does'nt make me worth-less.......I am , alittle bother to think the people around me thought I made car the accident up....It's my own fault ,because I spared them the details, and they were to fall way, for me to dare ask them to run to my side,and my anxieties...[ I made light of ] Here, nor there =I feel kinda of pissy,and need to apoint a power of attorney....Or else=there is so much, hinten in in an or statement= MY POINT-WE WILL SOME HOW, SOME WAY OPEN JABIP VILLAGE[consignment] And we will steam live Google +,and sell one of kind works of art, personlized gifts.... []NE ST[]NE at a TIME, I won't give up,because NOW I'M PISSED~And no one tell me ~ I can't/ when that is something I am very good at, even with brain trama=I H[]PE Y[]U'LL BE APART []f IT! There are alot good talented people in this world , just like me,maybe even Y[]U....We are a Village.......

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