Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I have so much to tell you since I've been gone...One these days I'll find my recorder,can't jot my thoughts down fast enough....Then I forget,dam amnisia....Any way, I have to go see my chicptactor,then finally my eye doctor....So they dielate my eyes,and I won't be able to see,for a while,then I'll write...Remember how I said,I was giong blind in my right eye,well it would roll ,and do it's on thing...Weird enough,I had a seize the other day,and it's like my has be reset..EWWWWW, but I happy about it....[]UT of my MIND, be back soon,and I 'll tell you about the sand box,and the white shelf....hehe/ lately life has been hopping from one baby,to then next,and doctor after doctor...Never good new,so going home to my babies is my pleaure...THANKING GOD OUT LOUD,to be HERE! Life is Good,but this pain I'm in,is a pain in the neck,cracking myself up.....Be back soon,God,can we fix my phone,I feel like a child on punihment...LOL :)

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