Sunday, May 12, 2013


[note the star means my child*] *Angelina/aka Moonshine,holding her son Travis ,and husband Michael..I/aka Mothersky/MeMom am beside Micheal,And my *Rachael/aka Sunshine who is with child,due May [Lydia]behind her is Emma,being held by her huband Adam...Just in front is Hannah,being held by sister Donna.Beside my sister is *Jewels/aka Rainbow,behind her is my David/aka every star in the sky....And Love Becka,and then My Mother/aka Nanny ____________________ =FOUR GENERATION's MeMom,and her Monkey's Our niece Cheyenne,sister Donna,ME, to them I'm [Aunt Le],and niece Lauren Anne=Sorry, I did'nt finish ,did'nt feel well~

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