Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Not again

[]MG =On Church at Sunday,our Pastor says alot "We areall siant's,and have to lead by example" We talk alot this alot,it's not that I'm full of myself,yet I am very spirtal.....He say's people are draw to me,good,and bad....Mostly likely due to all the near death excerences,there' a light in me other people see,and because he knows of the tramas I've endured, he say's " I will constanly be tested" Well I'm be tested again,and again....Usally when I'm ill,and in a dream state [I am being carried to ISAIH, Iam delirious with venem,I was bit by a brown recluse again,on vein of my left hand,I knew some thing was wrong,when began staggering....Yet another day at the hospital=I am out of my mind  I pain [but still here,delirious,as I was was making my was to make coffee, this ong was tuck in my head, thoght I would hare it......Be back soon, We can move mountains ,one stone at a time,JUST SOMETIMES THERE MAY BE A SPIDER,UNDER THAT STONE! still setting out ,to build []UR VILLAGE, and serve my purpose :)[]

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