Tuesday, May 28, 2013

~PATIENCE~Just a dream

For all the wonderful event's, my eyes have bore.....I am learning to endure,and except. I am limited from what once knew, yet I am not limited from being with you. When go to Church,and hear the Pastor say, [patience] I look up,as he is calling my name ....So please try to be patient,and know I'm still learning....I'm sorry you had to see the strength inside me burning,yet perhap's this task Lord has put me through. I've been humbled "this is true".....I'm learning to be a better me, most of I hope You can learn,by I've what I've gone through.......Another day, I get to stay "and be here with You. Another dream ,it was just a dream.....I dream of Jesus, he say's "come along",and as I try to keep up ,I look again,and he is gone.....So I say, I'm learning, I grateful, and will continue to practice patience,and pray for Serenity, for I have so much L[]VE to give, many works undone,and [serve my purpose] And so many mountains to move [one stone at a time]My Love ,You are here.And so am I, You are not alone,Love Mother X[]x

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