Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Un-finished( DREAM in progress

Keep in mind I'm still injured, so I fell away,for a while.But my heart,and my wants (speaking with a cocussion) are the same ..I Dare to Dream,and my Dream includes you! I want to open a Place, where I can live . Village (Ja'Bip) in my dream I hope to steam live, on Thurs. Fri. Sat./A place where age is just a number,WE SHINE BY OWN SOULS....A place where we all can be yourself,and expose your talent!A place where there is no such thing as weird or crazy..... Althought ,I admit I'm CRAZY out loud,and proud to be...A place where you can be , you. And I can be,Me.A place were the lambs lay beside the lion's........ And you are recognized by your talent,example jewelery makers to jelly makers.If your poet,we want to know it! Hopefully we will have live feed (aka Station Ja'Bip) Thurs. Fri. Sat. I'm waiting for my smart freind's to help me with THAT! (hint) Talent wall to wall,where you are not an alien,(any longer) we are all the same/ it i my intention to have a consignment shoppe.So say you have a new violin,so you would consign the old one, along with those groovy vintage clothes,you no longer wear....You'll get the hang of it....Village Ja'bip-I dare to dream so you can sy,your gone to Ja'bip,and mean it(In the mean time,I'm some what altered! My inspiration, comes from (you know when your in Church-and they say,ARE YOU SERVING YOUR PURPOSE? So it dawned on me ,and I picked a paint brush,and began to paint.....So it is my dream, to have children in circle of easel's,and we elder's sharing a talents....And every one can dream of going into the rainbow in village Ja'Bip (need rest, will continue later) My Love,You are Here,and am I (your not alone) We will all come together for stone soup,Love Mothersky,Sweet Dreams,until tomarrow...I shall pray for you,as you pray for me! NOW DARE TO DREAM WITH ME,Glitter kisses Xxo
ONE HEART,ONE SOUL,MISS YOU!I use to have Beautiful Shoppe CALLED PENNIES FROM HEAVEN, Billie Holiday inspired OF COURSE/I spent my last dime to open it/Only to have the owner of the Building,sell it out from under me 531 Monmouth St. that was the beggining to the end! THAT's WHY I DARE TO DREAM (I want to open consignment shoppe,with instruments,vintage clothing, bring the album(LP) back to life,spin some record's/Paint on line,and invite other artist (dragonflies) to do so as well/Hope to be running live feed from there on Thurs.Fri.,and Saturday..RONNIE,will help me with that!So the world can witness talent ,first hand,young,and old...If you have a talent(All Dragonflies Welcome______I have a concussion ,,so MARK(856 589-5393)__ is handling the business end_________AND WE WILL CALL IT STATION JA'BIP***So dare to dream with me,I even have the ideal location 111 and 113 West Merchant Ave. Audubon NJ 08106 _____OPERATION DARE TO DREAM aka STATION Ja'BIP****Glitter kisse Xxo AND GLITTER DREAMS*My Love,You are Here,and so am I(SO PICTURE ME IN A GLITTER GOWN,and GLITTER HEEL's,and a big White Rose in my hair,like Billie Holiday****<3I BELIVE IN RAINBOW's/I am just like this character/And not ashamed to be! BECAUSE I AM HUMBLE,and I thank GOD OUT LOUD____GET IT 111 the Father,the Son,and the HOLY SPIRT!

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