Saturday, August 18, 2012

Love the girl,that hold's the world in a paper cup...Love her and she will bring you LUCK!

DARE TO DREAM/BUILDING JA'BIP *First to know me ,you must know I'm out of my mind...I Dare to Dream,of a village we will call Ja'bip....A consignment shoppe of fine vintage item's...Hand made gift's.....Best of the people,a collection of people,Artist in one form or another....My whole life, I felt alien....I dream to build a village,and hope to stream live, on Thurs. Fri. and Sat. with the help,of google....A cirlce of artist,and musicals,Young,and Old (JOIN )A new FAMILY of sort's (SOME WHERE, WE BELONG,one stone @t a TIME) My LOVE, YOU are here,and so am I....LIVE OUTLOUD! AND DARE TO DREAM****But it all starts with a building we need a building.....I set up a pay pal,I have no dam clue what I'm doing (I just know, what I want)IT START'S HERE AUGUST THE 13th/ anything you can donate would be GR8!tap this link=
Glitter Kisses Xxo

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