Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Poem by Alezia (The fool=beLIEves) Be sure to come back for the PM version..

THE FOOL=beLIEves...The fool dances with dare,chance's to fear. Quick to widdle romance,At first glance...The eye's of a fool,only seek, romance. Scent's of rose's,wine and proposes. Always set in a stare... The fool,listens to lie's,never questioning why. Always beLIEves,And then later is deceived....The heart of a fool, is shattered to pieces. Hoping there is room,For one more Love, eager to TRusT ....Chance it again,told by the keeper, This one may turn out to be the jewel.... The hand's of a fool,are still,and fragile. Afraid to touch,yet the heart rules too much! The fool,is doll .Kept by the master, a show piece,brought out,to amaze ,and amuse.... And when made a fool of,after the laughter. The fool,is the put away.... The lier over rules....I try to beLIEve,yet the heart rules too much.... ALEZIA ****
****Yesterday was a month since the accident/still can't paint (my arm's feel useless) and this morning I dropped the baby (I"M HAVING A PITTY PARTY,all are welcome!) So now when the baby grows up,and someone say's did your Mother drop you on your head? He can say NO, BUT MY MEMOM DID!

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