Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Treat Yourself Tuesday

***********************We need to learn,to treat ourself...You live once,one go round... Perhap's you told yourself(SOMEDAY) You know how we are,we put ourselves last..WELL TREAT YOURSELF TUESDAY,SAY's MOTHER.....Dance class, Guitar lessons,piano lesson's,Art lessons......Cake decorating,you know ,what you want!What are you waiting for,Go live your life,Glitter kisses Xxo Even buy yourself Flower's,perhaps a planted orchid .It can change a room <3, My Love,You are here,and so am I DARE to DREAM with me! Sending Rosie,my LOVE.Glitter Kisses Xxo
Took my own advise today,went with my Lady friend to her (Church).They meet every Tuesday,to make quits,and blanket,and prayer shaws,and so much more.....I was honored,to be there....It following along with my Dare to Dream.......They have a saying on the wall,I wish to share with you."TOGETHER WE ARE BECOMING GOD"s FAMILY,GROWING....MAKING A DIFFERENCE,EMPOWERED TO SERVE <3 ***(DARE TO DREAM,BUILDING JaBipVillage)**First to know me ,you must know I'm out of my mind...I Dare to Dream,of a village we will call Ja'bip....A consignment shoppe of fine vintage item's...Hand made gift's.....Best of the people,a collection of people,Artist in one form or another....My whole life, I felt alien....I dream to build a village,and hope to stream live, on Thurs. Fri. and Sat. with the help,of google....A cirlce of artist,and musicals,Young,and Old (JOIN )A new FAMILY of sort's (SOME WHERE, WE BELONG,one stone @t a TIME) My LOVE, YOU are here,and so am I....LIVE OUTLOUD! AND DARE TO DREAM****But it all starts with a building we need a building.....I set up a pay pal,I have no dam clue what I'm doing (I just know, what I want)/ anything you can donate would be GR8!tap this link=
Glitter Kisses Xxo WATCH HER EYE'S

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