Friday, August 3, 2012

Can't get no SATISFACTION, though I try! (swordfish dream)

Meet me, I'm crazy,and free,and glad to be****This Pain I;m in is now 23 day's old....I hope the magnet in me,has disengaged (I am a steel magnet) No realy ,hit by a car! Starting to have a pity party for myself,all are welcome...My arm's are still num ,and don't listen to my brain's demand's.They are just hanging there in pain! I want to paint! Boo Hoo,yes I'm having a BF, (bitch fiT) I alway's say,ARE YOU SERVING YOUR PURPOSE? I thought mine was to paint,perhap's it is to mentor .......I had a crazy dream last night,I was swimming warm water,and felt no pain (in the water)at a dock with a ladder.As I am trying to make my way to the steps,all these fishermen,came out of no where ,with rod's,and hook's....So now I am trying to get out faster,I thought they were trying to harm me...Then they were yelling @t me to get out of the way! They began pulling them from the water,was what I saw before I woke (were 3 mother of pearl sword fish),they were swimming around me,and I had no clue (They must have been the warm healing ,I was feeling!THEY WERE BEAUTIFUL,before I woke I was cutting my hand's trying to break their lines, because some how the were apart of my being....So i woke up,crying in pain.My Love,You are here,and so am I/DARE TO DREAM/ Fly Dragonflies FLY! WHAT DOES IT MEAN? I am suspended from my favorite place,Due to my NAME=MotherskyDragonfly= DragonflyAlezia (You can't alway's grt,what you want)

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