Monday, August 6, 2012

MOODY MONDAY (I'm a Survivor, Your a Survivor)

I am so BLESSED,and I am HUMBLE..... Since my accident 26 days ago,It is a lesson in living! I AM ALIVE! And with the Grace of God,and my NEW friend's,and family we will serve our purpose...You know who you are,I find you one by one,some of you I follow,to invite you (OUR TASK HAS BEGUN) When I see,out in the world,I see lit up LANTERNs of AMBER.....We are connect some how,by Dragonflies,the Sun,the Moon,every STAR,Rainbows and PEACE signs=one word (LOVE and GOD)and Sunflowers,and moonlilies,are some how in twinded ....... DOUBLE INFINITY DRAGONFLY,and (e ART h) are my souls expression, I wish to build a place ,it may take me a year stone, by stone.Person, by Person....And we will call it Jabip Village.......So yes,in my madness of pain,I have found peace within my soul,and every night,when i close my eyes(becuase my pain is more than ,I can handle.I find myself,saying out loud,feeling and believing,If I were to close ,and die today....I LOVED THE BEST I COULD,GAVE ALL OF MYSELF,OF WHAT I WAS CAPABLE....I taught my children,how to survive,in so many ways (like when the tree top's are restless,and white of leaves show (It's time to head HOME) there is a storm on the way...I want change one thing...I've said a while back,about fallen from GRACE....Beacase on my Journey ,I am learning the difference, between falling down,and BEING HELD DOWN ! WE ALL MUST FOLLOW OUR DREAM's,THE PEOPLE WHO TRY TO TAKE YOUR DREAM,OR MAUC YOU.ARE DREAMLESS,AND SOULLESS.. PUSH PASS THEM! Let's all find our way to EACHOTHER,and Build a VILLAGE,where only LOVE can ENTER! My Love,You are here,and so am I,Dare to Dream with me (WE ARE FAMILY)GHICCIE GHICCIE ****I'M A SURVIVOR) For the new Dragonflies,You need to do your Homework,Back blog to March to the beat of your own drum,and DASH...We are survivors

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