Thursday, August 2, 2012


THOUGHTFUL-I say because ,there are thing's you are capable to toe the line,turn grape to wine.And I'm telling this to my self (just out loud)
Those things that perhap's someone asked for your help with*****Let TODAY,be the day,you lend a hand,or make it a plan!Or even spend time with a friend,you have seen in a while,let today be the day you give out smiles,(BE THOUGHTFUL) YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY (OR THE WAY MARK PUT'S IT,) If you want some thing done yourself,do it YOURSELF
Or simply spend sometime,and watch a movie with them....************LOVE EACH OTHER,XxoUPDATE <3 I just opened an e-mail account for our DARE TO DREAM plan= (mind you my brain,is scrambled like egg's)
I am building a Village,one stone @t a time. Each day we turnover one stone,to improve ourselves****And build a village,
On tonight's MENU, is stone soup,Won't you join me?Bring the one ingredient, you have the most of,and we will build from there! Be sure to bring,( the tool's of your trade) for each of us=WORK FOR OUR DINNER....My Love,You are here,and so am I! Let's Dare to Dream! Love Mothersky,Glitter kisses Xxo both; text-align: center;">

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