Friday, August 24, 2012

The ART of imperfect/ TY PHIL HANSEN Xxo Thanking GOD out LOUD

***********I'm not quite sure of this lesson, I am to learn.....But I feel like I was hit by a car LOL(6weeks 2day's) This is just my fear talking,My Wednesday appointment,was with a spine specialist,In the next two weeks ,I was ordered to see a neuro,the spine specialist is 90% sure (I'm having seizures)Remember I was saying,my hand tremble,and my face twitches..... So what I'm saying is, I am out of my mind in PAIN!!!!(THIS TOO SHALL PASS) SO DARE TO DREAM,may hit a few bumps..BUT DAM IT,I WILL BUILD A VILLAGE! If any one out there lives in this kind of pain,feel free to complaint to me,but let it modivate you,to GET UP! WE CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS,ONE STONE @t A TIME/and remember SING LIKE NO ONE IS LISTENING,DANCE LIKE ,NO ONE IS WATCHING,AND LIVE EACH DAY,AS IF IT WERE YOUR LAST.....
My Love,YOU are here,and so am I (Let's Dare to DREAM,and build a JabipVillage.....If you can donate,that would be GR8,but know Prayer I worth,GOLD(I WILL PRAY FOR YOU ****
Glitter Kisses Xxo*

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