Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Here's toWISHING THAT ON THIS WEDNESDAY YOU DARE TO DREAM,a realize *You have ONE LIFE,so live it WELL*Someday we will build a village, and it will be named Ja'Bip, a place where all ARTIST can display their arts....And I wish with the help of GOOGLE,we will stream live on Thurs. Fri.and Sat. Nights/ Hence the phrase STATION Ja'Bip.So all the TALENTED DRAGONFLIES, have a place to Glitter like GOLD!Right now I'm wounded.But my dreams,and the LOVE around me,(ALLOW ME TO DREAM GRANDIOSE DREAM's) So MOTHER say's to YOU! Go Dance like ,no one is watching***Sing, like no one is listening.And live,each day .as if it were your last.And Dream,for with out a dream we are empty*****DARE TO DREAM my DRAGONFLIES,never give up!Isaiah 65; 17-25 LOVE EARTH PEACEMy Love.You are here,and so am I *LIVE WELL* Love Mothersky ,Glitter kisses XxoDARE TO DREAM!

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