Saturday, July 28, 2012


NOTIFY RICHARD if you think,(DARE TO DREAM)aka the FIVE ELEMENT's is Grandiose**Grande*** Glitter wishes *x*x*oDARE TO DREAM How GR8,would it be if Chrissie Hynde*JonBonJovi*Lady GaGa*Elton John*Diana Ross* Had a Dare to Dream Production ,Sponsored by Virgin Music (Mother knows BEST)I'm just saying*
I DARE TO DREAM to open a store called Ja'bip @t 111 and 113 West Merchant Ave. Audubon N.J 08106 Call MARK, he handles the Real Estate End @t (856) 589-5393**** Hey a girl can DREAM,GRANDIOSE,& a CONCUSSION (LOL)DID I mention I'm a Genius! Right Richard
****Glitter kissesXxo*****the five ELEMENTS !
ps. Sorry Sister D,I could not enlarge your photo xxo

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