Friday, July 13, 2012


Glitter Kisses Xx0Good morning/my body is trembling from pain...Was in a bad car accident Wednesday....Glad to be alive! A man was having a seizure behind the wheel,and was laying on his gas petal.Thank GOD,my fiend Pat is a good driver(SHE SAVED MY LIFE,and heard him smashing all the car,s behind us,so she tried with all her might to get us in to the left.....Where those lines in the street are)a painted island) (THE ANGEL's WERE WITH US!) Needless to say,that guy was petal to the metal....And thank God,she has a wheel chair lift in the back,of her van,It saved our lifes,it took fhe impact,or he would have torn through us last thing I remember,was this beautiful face,them putting a brace on my neck,being slid on a board,and the sky! THEY SAID I WAS IN SHOCK,needless to say,I won't be painting for awhile..BUT I THANK GOD OUT LOUD! TO BE HERE! Pray for me,as I pray for YOU! must rest/ Glitter kisses Xxo

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  1. D said your OK but sore. Nothing or Nobody can keep a Copertino girl down ! keep the positives vibes goin!Rest those bones Yo !