Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday/DARE TO DREAM/ Do for other's

I'm a firm believer in Karma ,Life is a circle of energy. All that you do come's back to you,it's weighed in good energy,and bad.....So chose to be kind, and good.Your SOUL is @t stake**********for DOUBLE INFINITY/The Death,and then the Birth of Dragonfly (watch her eye's)
So yes I am grandiose,I also have that Build it,they will come mentality. Yes like the field of dreams,Only I DARE TO DREAM*****Of a place where Artist,can walk beside their Artist kin,a place where you are able to display your talent..A place we will call Ja'bip (A PLACE FOR MY CHILDREN)...And hopefully, with the help of GOOGLE,and a few friend's stream live....Can I get a witness, say yeah, or nay. In this moment,my pain has me ready to turn away.So be Thoughtful Today,Reach back please,LET ME KNOW YOUR THERE! Dare to Dream with me! My Love,You are here, and so am I !Glitter kisses Xxo PS. I'm so glad all my Babies are together! Wish I was there*****

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