Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday's Journey

Today I was @t the doctor's again ,Thanks to Dr.Bonnie,and Priscila,On my ninth life,I'm still standing,sending prayers to the other's that were in the accident,with my dearest friend Pat,and myself****Thanks be to God!Just as the sun flower,My face is to the sun....


  1. Since you quote an ancient Chinese proverb remember the most famous of all by Confuscious. " Man who go to bed with itchy ass .........wake up with brown finger ".

    1. NO! It's stinky finger (LOL) YOU NUT!/ Confuscious say, You keep making those face's,Your face will get stuck like that! Oh wait maybe that's what Grandmother use to say to my Uncle.HE did'nt listen, now his face is stuck like that!DID I MENTION I HAVE A CONCUSSION? Nevermind or was it You'll go blind ,one of those.... Eitherway stop making those face's! (LMAO)