Wednesday, June 20, 2012


MotherskyDragonfly with my Grandest little Dragonflies...Glitter kissesXxo (My Daughter sent me a quote /my day is getting better ,I'm getting big wet BABY kisses LOL THANK YOU DAUGHTER SUNSHINE! "The most beautiful people we know are those that have know defeat, know suffering, know struggle... Know loss,and have found their way, out of the depths... These person's have an appreciation ,a sensitivity,and an understanding of life, that fills them with compassion, gentleness,and deep loving concern.... Beautiful people don't just happen." E.K.Ros (Thank You Sunshine xxo) I HAVE A NEW HERO TODAY (THANK YOU TO THE MAN, who took the BIG BLACK SNAKE AWAY!!!!)eeewwwwwww OMG/now even the dog's leash, just gave me a heart attack LOL,did I mention my nerve's are SHOT!!!! THANK YOU TO THE TALL BLONDE (HERO) glitter kisses xxo ////PS! THERE's ANOTHER SNAKE!(I don't like spider's and snakes) It's a song,ok so I'm OLD.. Today I feel (like this TREE) I WILL PRAY FOR YOU, AS YOU PRAY FOR ME!/so I am making the baby pancakes,packing because I'm sleeping @t my lady friend Pat's tonight/she is a good friend to me! Then I go paint @t my friends (Jill,and Co.) they do my eyebrows ect. in exchange..............To busy gone loop T loop, LOL /all my LOVE Xxo

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