Monday, June 18, 2012


">">">Treat yourself to Gregorio Brother's DELI & MARKET/ LAUREL SPRING's Today on my Journey,I found the cutest litte Town..... They make ITALIAN FOOD/ there's ICE CREAM.....Treat Yourself Tuesday, YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS QUAINT LITTLE TOWN, tell the Mayor I said Hey! ....Stop by West Atlantic Ave. Laurel Spring NJ 08021 And blog me back if you do .GLITTER KISSES Xxo PRESS THE ARROW FOR VIDEO TO PLAY">"> THIS IS FOR ALL THE WOMEN OF THE WORLD/THE SYMBOL OF LOVE For those people/FRIEND's that stop by regular. Me Mom is on the Move, Baby will be one,and is going,into daycare ...NO REST FOR THE WEARY! MUCH LOVE PRAY! WE HAVE ONE LIFE, LIVE IT WELL........TREAT YOURSELF TODAY!!!!!!!KISSESXXo ONE THING YOU CAN LEARN FROM ME, MY HEART IS ALWAY"S ON MY SLEEVE....I'm the most honest person,you'll meet( to a fault) If you ask me I will alway's be HONEST!!!!! And I think I will follow that up with, a personal message @t times (called the TRUTH) I will put it up at NIGHT/and delete it by morning! SO THE CHILDREN DON'T SEE IT (Because they like to see MeMom's page) But as we know not all thing's in life are ment for children's eye's and ear's!!!!! So I plead with you 'if you watching the new's in front of your children, please send them out of the room....THEY ARE ONLY LITTLE ONCE, AND NEED TO BE SHIELDED,be back soon My love,You are here, and so am I....Go plant some seed,s a watch , them grow (JOY)

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