Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Treat yourself TUESDAY,you run around all week. We constantly doing for other's, not that we are complaining..We pay bills, cook, do laundry ect..DO SOMETHING FOR YOUR SELF,maybe that book you've been wanting. Or those shoes you keep waiting to go on sale.. Buy them,you'll be happier for it!.....DO IT FOR YOU, BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT! Maybe go get your HAIR DONE, or just wash your car..Either way it's Treat your self Tuesday, and I SAID SO! I've said this before ,when on the air lines, they instruct you to put your air mask on first, You can't help somelse, until you help yourself first...IT's NOT SELFISH, TO BE SELF FIRST,so Treat yourself well. All my Love Mother Glitter kisses Xxo PS.TREAT YOURSELF to SoJo 104.9, keeps you moving.....

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