Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mis-match Saturday

Look out Jersey Shore/ME MOM doesn't match today.....I am Declaring this Mis-match Saturday! And come as you are Sunday..... Then there's Moody Monday,Treat yourself Tuesday, and Wacky Wednesday,that's the day you wear your mis -matched socks,and earings.........Did you every look down at your self,or get caught outside by a neighbor.And make mention,oh don't mind me I'm cleaning today/LOL..... I say if it's the kind of outfit you don't want to be caught dead in , then don't wear it...... Start wearing your good clothes, isn't that why ,you bought them!So I will be sporting my mis-matched outfit,with my red glitter shoe,and will be tapping my heels all day.(There's NO PLACE LIKE HOME) all you Guy's wear that outfit,someone gifted you,and if people stare (tell them it was a gift, and it's mismatch Saturday.......CELEBRATE LIFE (Grey's Anatomy Thursday, and be YOUR ROCK STAR SELF FRIDAY) So there Rock on with your BAD SELF...... So here's a recap/Don't wear the outfit,you would'nt want to be caught dead in(THROW THEM inside out sweat pants away(Mother said), and Dress to kill,crazy hat's and ALL, all my Love Celebrate being YOU! As my Friend Donna say' BE YOUR SELF,everyone else is taken....Glitter kisses Xxo

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